Members of the ChinWig project

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Pete Bangert was the founder member and driving force behind the ChinWig project. He is a long-long serving musician from the Sheffield area. Pete formed ChinWig probably because it was about time. He played guitar and sang in the band and was one of the primary songwriters for the band’s original material. Pete’s background includes many bands including Phoenix Rising, Pig’n’aif and ToshRollo as well as working as a successful session musician.

The vocals for the band were delivered by Mick Shedd , a well known South Yorkshire musician from such bands as Equinox, The Dagger Band, Shedd's on Fire and Fixer . Pete and Mick formed a writing partnership for the band material. They had a short sojourn with the band ToshRollo back in the late '80's and decided it was about time they renewed their musical partnership. Mick and Pete continue to work together in the Pig’n’aif projects.

Krys Bangert also played lead guitar in the band. In this picture Krys is adopting his usual relaxed attitude with his favourite Ibanez JS guitar waiting for the ‘crusties’ to make their minds up. Krys has worked with a number of other bands including Severance and his current project Setsudan. Krys is has now achieved a well-earned PhD in Futures DTC and carries on with music in parallel for fun

The drums were played by Gordon Henderson, a well know musician from the Yorkshire area. He had previously played in Phoenix Rising with Pete and this outing renewed a partnership that worked excellently in the past.

Aidan Hall played bass in the band. He is a seasoned, trained and qualified multi-instrumentalist specialising in bass of all styles. Aidan has been in a number of different bands playing indie, acoustic and rock including indie rockers Monkeyface. He is currently working with the heavy rock band North of The Fall as well as ‘depping’ with Pig’n’aif.

One other person without whom the band would have been incomplete was Alan Bangert, the Sound Engineer and Road Manager. He brought many, many, many years of experience to the band, making the band’s lives a lot easier - not to mention giving them something to point at and chuckle when things were looking bleak. No band is complete without him.

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