Alan Bangert

Alan was the Sound Engineer and Road Manager. He has been doing just that in bands with Pete since before Phoenix Rising and so he brings many, many, many years of experience with him. Before that he was a roadie.

He understands logistics, equipment and venues intimately and makes our lives a lot easier. He ran the Rising Records PA Hire business and organised many a road crew for large and small gigs throughout the country.

He says “I think the band should be called ‘Four Old Farts and two Young ’uns”, but he is swift to point out that he is in fact a ‘Young ‘un’. Krys and Aidan have made no comments.

He says that his most embarrassing moment working with the band was when he was asked to be a stand-in drummer in a video shoot. He had to drum on the wall of a castle with a pair of twigs whilst  being filmed. On the other hand, we think it was after we had sent him out to get an amp from the back of a van in which we had placed a sheep from the local field. When Al opened the door the sheep took the opportunity to escape covering Al in hoof prints and unmentionables. He looked (and smelled) very sheepish when he came back into the studio.

When once asked why he was wearing a grass skirt in one of his publicity pictures he said, “because I can carry it off...”. We were not too sure about that so we decided to spare you...



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