Krys Bangert

Krys played lead guitar alongside his dad Pete in the band, He is a very capable musician, well versed in modern rock guitar technique and theory having learned from the Satriani and Morse schools of guitar playing, amongst others. His areas of expertise compliment Pete’s and vice versa, so it is a comfortable partnership (based on intimidation and beatings - although Pete would like Krys to stop hitting him at least).

Krys said, “ I quite welcome the opportunity to work with the ‘fusties’. It gives me the chance to pick up on a wealth of experience both from the musical and the business end of the game. It also gives me a chance to teach the old dogs some new tricks”.

Pete thought it was a win-win situation. “Having Krys in the band means I can leave more space than in the past and it allows Krys to express himself more fully without having to worry about covering the silence. It leads to a less fraught experience all round”.

Krys also works with his own band project under the name of Setsudan (Check out their web site www.setsudan.co.uk).

Krys plays Ibanez, Peavey and Tanglewood guitars with a Peavey JSX head through custom and Orange cabs. He uses Boss and Alesis effects and controls his rig via Midi.



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