Mick Shedd

Mick is a well known musician from both the local and national scene. For this outing he has moved from his beloved bass to concentrate on delivering lead vocals for the band. He is an immensely powerful and expressive vocalist, at home bringing his approach to most forms of material including rock, blues and soul/funk. As he puts it he loves to sort out the “stops, starts, farts and barks” in the music, a task he is eminently suited for, as he has a very famous set of tonsils on him, not to mention his other less-fortunate side effects. He is a multi-instrumentalist and adds other colours to the music from time-to-time as required.

He has performed extensively in the South Yorkshire region in such bands as Shedd's on Fire, Shedds the follow up band to that and in the past Equinox and Fixer.  The latter band also worked in Europe. Pete and Mick had a short sojourn with ToshRollo back in the late '80's and a renewal of their musical partnership is long overdue.

About ChinWig Mick said, ”I am very excited about the challenge of the material and working with the guys. The emphasis is on creativity and musical colour and it should challenge the audiences and lead them in different directions. It is good to work with a bunch of committed guys who know their stuff”.



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